Hermitage San Giorgio in Bardolino

Hermitage San Giorgio in Bardolino

Strada Costa di Vallonga, Bardolino, VR +39 +390457211390


One of the many possible destinations of an outing during a stay at Lake Garda is the hermitage San Giorgio, from where you have a splendid view on the lake.

The hermitage, founded in 1663 by two Camaldolese monks, towers over mountain San Giorgio, a promontory situated halfway between Bardolino and Garda, on the east side of Lake Garda.
Up to this day the village community of San Giorgio is part of the ancient Camaldolese congregation of the Order of Saint Benedict, the mother house of which is in Camaldoli in the province of Arezzo.

You can buy the precious extra vergin olive oil of the Camaldolese monks in the hermitage, which is produced with olives from the surrounding olives trees, including trees that are centuries old.

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Strada Costa di Vallonga, Bardolino, VR +39 +390457211390

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