37011, Bardolino, VR


Bardolino is a municipality in the province of Verona located on the eastern shore of Lake Garda and in summer it is one of the main tourist destinations in the area. 
The event calendar is full of proposals ranging from sport-themed events such as the International Triathlon and the Bisse Regatta to other food and wine-themed parties such as the Palio del Chiaretto, the Grape Festival and the Novello (new wine) Festival.

1 – Lakeside boardwalk 

The boardwalk runs along the town center and is full of benches to enjoy an enchanting panorama. Along the way, there are many flowerbeds, which during the summer are a triumph of all kinds of flowers.
If you want to take a break, you have a wide choice of bars, ice cream parlours and restaurants, where you can taste the Bardolino wine
Keep in mind that during the winter, many places are closed, but the walk is still full of charm because the reduced tourist flow allows you to admire the panorama in a more relaxing climate. 


2 – Wine Museum

If you are in Bardolino, you cannot miss a visit to the Wine Museum, which is located on top of a hill, in the locality Costabella. It was founded 1991 by Family Zeni, in the museum are exposed many ancient equipment used for grape cultivation and the wine production
Among the memorabilia, you can also admire a pressing complex of the fifteenth century. The visit is free, except for large groups, it lasts about 15 minutes and is spread over 5 thematic areas. At the end, you can taste the wines of the cellar and shop in the store.


3 – San Severo Church

It is a small Romanesque church with wooden baulk, located in the center of Bardolino and worth a visit, even if short. It contains a cycle of twelfth-century frescoes, which narrate the story of the Virgin, the Apocalypse and the discovery of the true Cross. Behind the altar is the crypt, which is probably attributable to a pre-existing Lombard building, dating from the 8th to 9th Century.


4 – Bike and pedestrian path Lazise-Bardolino-Garda

If you love walking or cycling you cannot miss the about 10 km long cycle and pedestrian track, that on one side goes up to Garda and on the other leads up to Lazise, crossing the Locality of Cisano. The route passes through towns and vegetation, along the Lake.  Some stretches are rich in reeds, others in villas; others offer refreshment points, particularly useful for tourists who need refreshment. 
We point out that several hotels make bicycles available to their guests, but if you do not have them at your disposal, you can also rent them on site. In summer, the stretch is particularly busy and if you decide to cycle it, you may need to slow down, due to the strong presence of pedestrians.


5 – Oil Museum of Cisano

The oil Museum of Family Turri is in Cisano, a small fraction overlooking the Lake. The structure is about 3 km from Bardolino and can be reached with a pleasant walk along the Lake. The visit lasts about one hour and is free, except for groups. 
Numerous ancient tools used in oil mills from the 1700s to the early 1900s are exposed, and their use is widely explained by videos and information panels. At the end of the route, you can taste various types of oil and other delicious products, with the possibility to shop inside the store.

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37011, Bardolino, VR

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