Bardolino | Villa Guerrieri Rizzardi

Bardolino | Villa Guerrieri Rizzardi

Strada Campazzi, 2, 37011, Bardolino, VR


Our villa tour on Lake Garda takes us to the heart of BardolinoVilla Guerrieri Rizzardi is located in the middle of the old town on the site formerly occupied by patrician houses. Even though the site has seen the construction of a new building, the garden with a lake view has kept its 16th-century structure. This was despite a replanning by Giuseppe Jappelli shortly before the middle of the 19th century. Visitors can explore its wonders: cedars, bay trees and magnolias, betel nut palms and ginkgos, not to mention vines and orchards.

The Villa Guerrieri Rizzardi is part of the agricultural business Guerrieri Rizzardi which has vineyards covering an area of 40 hectares between Bardolino and Cavaion and produces the Bardolino and Chiaretto wines.
We recommend you visit the website of the agricultural business ( before your visit. 

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Strada Campazzi, 2, 37011, Bardolino, VR

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