Flora and Fauna of Monte Baldo


As far as vegetation is concerned, the area surrounding Monte Baldo is probably the most beautiful; not without good reason the picturesque mountain is known as the "garden of Europe". The Baldo massif is located northwest of Lake Garda, in the Trento and Verona provinces. With a total height of more than 2000 metres, Monte Baldo is home to a varied vegetation that can be subdivided in four sections: Mediterranean, montane, boreal and alpine.

The flora in the lowest, Mediterranean section is similar to that of the lake shore; actually, olives are grown there. The trees include holm oaks, oaks and common hornbeams and the bushes include caper, laurel and rosemary bushes, as well as other species.

The montane vegetation of Monte Baldo is located between 700 to 1500 metres above sea level. Here there are beech, lime, silver fir and larch forests. The areas covered with weed and serving as pasture grounds should also be mentioned.

White crocuses, gentian and windflowers bloom in the boreal landscape further above. Among the trees are mountain pines, rowan and trees and savins, as well as erica.

The highest-lying section of the garden of Europe is the alpine part. It is located at 2000 metres above sea level and thus covers only a small area. The cliffy area boasts only a few species, including the alpine rose and cinquefoils.

The fauna of Monte Baldo includes mammals and birds. Among the first are deer, roes, chamois bucks, ermines, marmots, badgers and squirrels. The varied bird life includes golden eagles, owls, eagle owls, common ravens, hoopoes, woodpeckers, wood grouses, chaffinches and larks.

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