Botanical Garden Monte Baldo

Botanical Garden Monte Baldo

Via Salita Monte Baldo, 37018, Malcesine, VR


The botanical garden is located inside the science and nature park of Novezzina, in the town of Ferrara di Monte Baldo. The park, built in 1989, comprises an area of about 20,000 square metres. The garden is home to plants and flowers from the mountainous region on the eastern part of Monte Baldo, situated at 1200 metres above sea level.

The botanical garden serves for the purpose of preservation and didactic and scientific aims. Its surface is limited, allowing the visitors to explore the ecosystems created here without having to cover long distances or climb high altitudes. The micro-environments and ecosystems of the botanical garden emulate natural conditions as much as possible.
Among the species in this green paradise are also the typical plants of Monte Baldo that have survived the glacial periods owing to their specific location above the Adige Valley and the Lake Garda area.

The visit follows a route with various info points and learning stations, with a label for every species. This new itinerary is disabled accessible.

Visitors can buy local products at the “Bottega dello Speziale” shop. The science and nature park of Novezzina also boasts of the only accesible observatory in the province of Verona. The observatory, run by the Veronese amateur astronomy society, is open to the public on special evenings and during guided visits and conferences.

The science and nature park of Novezzina is located on the provincial road 8 and is open all year-round.
For further information regarding opening hours and more, we recommend a visit to the park website

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Via Salita Monte Baldo, 37018, Malcesine, VR

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