Cycling at Lake Garda - Bike Trails in Trentino


A list of the best tours on the northern shore of Lake Garda. This is the cycling guide with the best bike trails in Trentino.

Marocche Cairns
The tour through the Marocche landslide area is a must in any cycling guide for the northern shore of Lake Garda - it is a classic, after all! The approximately 30 km long route is fairly easy, it features a height of less than 600 metres.
The tour starts in Arco and leads to Prabi. When you reach the Roman bridge of Ceniga, you continue your journey on a gravel road. This road merges into an asphalt road, before turning into the Percorso alla Cavre and following Lago Bagatol. The following route boasts various viewpoints, from where you can admire the Marocche valley with its lunar-like landscape and sparse, dry vegetation as well as Monte Brione. From here, you pass Pietramurata, Drena's castle ruin and Braila before returning to Arco.

Monte Brione
The second tour is fairly easy, too. In less than two hours, we explore Monte Brione along a nearly 15 km long track with a height of under 300 metres. The tour is not too challenging, but offers a marvellous panoramic view.
Our tour starts and ends in Torbole. Here, you turn into a bicycle path that lines the Sarca Valley and leads up north. Then, you cycle along the mountain to Grotta and San Alessandro, where the easy ascent to Monte Brione begins. Atop the mountain sits the Batteria di Mezzo fortress that offers a splendid view of Lake Garda. The downhill route leads past Porto San Nicolò and along the bicycle path back to the starting point of Torbole.

Laghel Valley
This mountain bike tour, which only takes a few hours and is fairly easy, leads to the Laghel Valley. Torbole is the start and end of the tour which is 30 km long with a height of approximately 250 metres. The tour takes you on an asphalt bicycle path lined by olive trees along the Sarca Valley to the town of Laghel, down a gravel road to Dro and then back to Torbole via the same bicycle path.
Our destination is a place you will love - the Laghel Valley mesmerizes with its tranquillity and naturalness. Here, you can also visit the "Madonna del Laghel", a baroque pilgrimage church from the 18th century.

Valle dei Laghi
The "Valle dei Laghi" is a natural lake and mountain landscape with scattered towns and villages in Trentino, reaching from the city of Trento to northern Lake Garda. The recommended tour is of medium difficulty and features a length of nearly 50 km and a height of more than 1200 metres. It leads across asphalt and concrete roads far from traffic.
The tour starts in Padergnone, a town in the province of Trento. The town is only 12 km from Comano Terme, one of the stops of the Dolomites - Garda Bike Bus, and thus easy to reach from Lake Garda. From Padergnone, the tour leads through the wine-growing area to S. Massenza and Fraveggio and continues on to Lon, Ciago and finally Terlago, from where you take the bicycle path to Vezzano and then the road of the Valle dei Laghi to Calavino. The tour takes you past Lasino and Cavedine to Passo Sant'Udalrico from where the route leads via Masi di Vigo, Drena and Dro to Lago di Cavedine. The final part of the route is via Pergolese and Ponte Olivieti, returning to the starting point of Padergnone.

Doss Casina
This mountain bike tour is slightly longer than the previous ones. The Doss Casina tour is approximately 30 km - as long as the Marocche and Laghel routes added together. It features a height of more than 1200 metres.
From Torbole, the tour leads to Busatte, via the ascent to Monte Baldo and past the alpine Malga Zures and Malga Casina huts, near to the natural Acqua d'Oro spring, where you can take a break . From here, a path merges into the downhill route leading to the Val del Diaol, previously mentioned in our "Services and Bike Parks on Lake Garda" guide. At the next road junction, take the forest track leading down to Sano (do not cycle on to the alpine Malga Campei hut). From here, a bicycle path takes you to Mori and then to Torbole.

Alpine Malga Campo Hut
The tour from Arco to the alpine Malga Campo hut is fairly challenging, even it is only 40 km long. It features a height of more than 1400 metres and takes five to six hours.
From Arco, you reach Cengia via the afore-mentioned bicycle path and then the town of Drena with its castle ruin via Dro. The tour continues to Maso Michelotti and via a slightly increasing ascent to the alpine Malga Campo hut. The downhill route takes you to Carobbi, past Braila and San Martino and back to Arco.

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