Cycling at Lake Garda - Bike Trails in the Veneto

Cycling at Lake Garda - Bike Trails in the Veneto


We take visitors on a bicycle tour on Lake Garda along the bike trails in the Veneto. Among these are more or less challenging routes of different lengths suitable for all cyclists. With these tours, leading from Monte Baldo to the vineyards in the hinterland of Garda and Bardolino and from the Moraine hills to the Valpolicella area, there are no more secrets regarding cycling at Lake Garda!

Prada - Monte Baldo 
This mountain bike route takes visitors along a 20 km tour  from Prada to the alpine "Rifugio Fiori del Baldo" hut at a height of approximately 900 metres. The route is not particularly difficult thanks the signposts in the area. Shortly after reaching the locality of Prada and the "Il Cacciatore" restaurant, you turn left at the crossroads and follow the signposts for the alpine "Rifugio Fiori del Baldo" hut. First, the street is tarmacked, and then, it turns into a military gravel road that leads directly to the destination, which is 1,815 metres high. The alpine "Rifugio Fiori del Baldo" hut is open year-round and boasts a view of the Lessinia area, the Appenine Mountains, and the town of Salò on the western shore of Lake Garda.

Garda - Mill Valley
Another mountain bike tour leads along a partially tarmacked and partially unsurfaced road with a total length of about 10 km. The tour takes you from Garda to the hinterland of the old water mills. From the town centre, you turn into the rural road, follow the signposts for the "Percorso della Salute" path and finally turn into the gravel road of the Val Tesina. The route is rather easy and thus suitable for all cyclists. It also boasts a unique vista. Various rivers leading to the water mills flow along the unsurfaced parts of the road. From here, you can take in the panoramic view of the colourful area surrounding Lake Garda and the Mill Valley.

Crero Tour 
The Crero tour is not much longer than 12 km and is of medium difficulty. It requires neither a specific physical preparation nor an intensive training. As with the previous tour, this tour starts in Garda. You can take a longer route by starting in Bardolino, which is a few kilometres away, or Lazise, which is within 10 km. In either case, the tour starts on the Gardesana road that leads to Torri del Benaco in the north. Here, we recommend you to visit the Scaliger castle and enjoy the water view. The tour then leads to Lonicrino and to the final destination of Crero at a height of 200 metres above sea level. From here, you can enjoy a unique view of Lake Garda.

Bardolino - Rivoli Veronese 
This is an outing of medium difficulty for somewhat more trained cyclists. The approximately 40 km route features a height of not more than 300 metres and is suited for both mountain and trekking bikes. From Bardolino, you take the shared bicycle and pedestrian path in the direction of Garda. From here, you reach Costermano by passing a relatively steep slope. A flat route takes you to Marciaga and then up to Castion, where a visit to the "Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena" church is well worth your while. Along a gentle descent, a bike trail leads to Pesina, Caprino Veronese and Rivoli. The view of the Austrian fortresses - three on the left of Adige shore and one on the right - is truly unique. Another bike trail takes you to Affi and San Fermo and then quickly back down to Bardolino.

Bardolino - Verona 
The route from Bardolino to Verona is completely tarmacked and suitable for all types of bikes, i.e. racing, city, trekking and mountain bikes. It is of medium difficulty primarily because of its 70 km length. The tour starts in Bardolino and takes you to Calmasino in the hinterland, where the Bardolino DOC quality wine is grown in the vineyards of the area. Then you cycle on along beautiful rural roads up to Piovezzano and from here along a flat bicycle path near the Adige river to Bussolengo and Chievo. Here, you cross the dyke and cycle on to Verona. There is a different way back after arriving in Bussolengo. You can return to Bardolino via the bicycle path leading to the hills of Pacengo, Colà, Lazise and finally Calmasino.

The Mincio River and the Veronese Plain 
The path which leads along the Mincio and through the Veronese plain is suitable for city, trekking and mountain bikes. It is about 50 km long and of medium difficulty. The bicycle tour starts in Peschiera del Garda. The town's defensive trenches offer a marvellous view of the fortress. From here, the bicycle path leads through the natural paradise beside the Mincio river. After approximately 7 km, you reach the dyke of Salionze and cross the river. You will come upon a series of wonderful buildings, the Visconti bridge in Borghetto, the Scaliger castle in Valeggio, and the fortress of Villafranca along the way. Then, you cycle on to Povegliano Veronese and finally Sommacampagna. Subsequently, you return to Salionze and then to Peschiera, the starting point of the tour.

Valpolicella Region 
The proposed tour leads through the heart of the Valpolicella region, the hilly wine-growing region near Verona. The tour is suited for mountain bikers and experienced cyclists, mostly because of the relatively steep slopes. The tour is about 25 km long with height of 1000 metres and a duration of approximately 4 hours. The starting point is in Fumane, then up a slope towards Santuario delle Salette, Cavalo, Molane and then down to Forte Masua, from where the tour leads uphill again. Here, a stop to enjoy the unique panorama is certainly called for! The return to Cavalo and then Fumane leads along exciting, single track downhills that are relatively challenging.

Lessinia Region
Although this tour through the Lessinia region is relatively long, it is suitable for both mountain bikers and experienced cyclists. The "Grand Tour dell'Alta Lessinia", as it is marked, is a 45 km route with a height of 1000 metres and boasts an incredible view along the way. You can see the Adige valley, Lake Garda and Monte Baldo, the Vicentine Alps and the glaciers of the Trentino. The tour through the Lessinia region starts in Bosco Chiesanuova, from where it goes on to San Giorgio. Near Branchetto, you turn into the gravel road close to Monte Tomba and reach the alpine "Rifugio Bocca di Selva" hut. From here, you drive through the town disctricts of Griez and Scalon. From the town district of Croce, you cycle on asphalt roads to Erbezzo. Follow the signposts for the alpine Derocon hut and you will reach the Bivio del Pidocchio and the alpine Malga Lessinia hut. From here, take the gravel road up to Castelberto and Podestaria, from where you return to San Giorgio and then Bosco Chiesanuova.

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