1000 Miglia


Mille Miglia is an automobile race that was held for 24 editions between 1927 and 1957 along a ring route starting from Brescia and returning to the same city, passing through Rome. The distance was about 1600 km, or about 1000 miles. That explains the origin of the name.

1957, following a fatal accident in the province of Mantua, the Mille Miglia, as we it know, was definitively abolished. 
Its restart is dated 1977, when the competition was turned from speed race to regularity race for old-timers: this means that the fastest car is not the winner, but the one that reaches the end of the route maintaining an average speed more similar to the predetermined one.

The current route follows the original one, with the necessary modifications.  The particularity of this race is linked to the admission criteria of cars for the race: in fact, only the car models of which at least one specimen took part (or at least registered) in one of the editions of  Mille Miglia that were held between 1927 and 1957 can participate. 
Not all those who register can then take part in the race: after the requests to participate, the cars are in fact selected by a special commission to contain the number. Currently compete around 400 cars.

How to attend the race

The event takes place every year around mid-May and lasts 4 days. The route is divided into stages and passes through many Italian cities, with departure and arrival in Brescia. 

Spectators can watch the car parade for free, simply by staying along the route dedicated to the race. There are precise arrival times at the different locations, so it is easy to know where and when to be ready to see the passage.

Among the many places, Mille Miglia also passes two beautiful towns of Lake Garda: Desenzano and Sirmione, which are located on the lush Brescia side. 
The passage is usually on the first day of the event, when the pilots leave from Brescia and make the final stop in Cervia - Milano Marittima.
This is an experience for the whole family, because it allows you to take a curious look at the past, in which cars were extremely refined and aesthetics merged with performance. 

Mille Miglia therefore becomes an opportunity to dive for a short time into a glorious era that is no longer there, but also offers the opportunity to enjoy a series of collateral events that enrich the offer. In fact, the program often includes a series of exhibitions, meetings, car exhibitions and live music, which intend to stimulate and entertain visitors, making the experience more complete and interesting

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