The Fauna of the Lake Waters


Let us move on to the typical fauna of Lake Garda, starting with the more than 25 species of fish that live in Lake Garda.

The northern part of Lake Garda houses carps that can be found only in this region. As it enjoys great popularity at table, it is threatened by extinction due to overfishing. The decreasing water quality and competition by alien species of fish add to this.

Among the autochthonous fish, traditionally served in Lake Garda, bleaks, eels, pikes, tench and lake trouts also play an important role during festivals in the area. Carps, whitefish and three types of perch (perch, sunfish and large-mouth bass), in contrast, are allochthonous species that usually live in different ecosystems.

Lake Garda also houses various water birds, including ducks, swans, herons, coots and sea gulls. The number of the pelicans and flamingoes living on Lake Garda has instead decreased, with them being nearly extinct

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