Rustico Medioevo


Rustico Medioevo is a food and wine festival with costume and folklore held in the beautiful village of Canale, a small town in the municipality of Tenno. 

This characteristic place in Trentino - considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy - hosts this medieval-style festival every year among its streets and houses, which is held in August and generally lasts a week. 

Rustico Medioevo  was founded in 1988 and has become an irresistible attraction for people of all ages and families who enjoy this opportunity to spend together a feast day. Among the narrow streets of Canale, the arcades and the charming stone houses takes place a rich event where visitors can jump back in the past.

In the town are staged medieval dance shows, accompanied by the music of the past, played with period instruments. Costumed figures walk down the streets, while storytellers, jesters, flag-wavers and magicians entertain the public with stories, magic and extraordinary performances.

The village is decorated with torches and standards and all the balconies are full of flowers. Every year in Canale in fact there is a real competition between the most beautiful flowery balconies, the winner is publicly decreed after careful evaluation. 
Another characteristic competition that takes place during Rustico Medioevo is for the best cake, baked according to ancient recipes. After the announcement of the winner cake, all the cakes are auctioned and all proceeds donated to charity.

Rustico Medioevo, however, is not only shows, it also offers different dishes of the Trentino gastronomic tradition. These include the goulash, the pork ribs, the stuffed chicken and the inevitable polenta with the Peveraa. 

The event also offers several initiatives to children: in fact, children can have fun with numerous games and pastimes of medieval inspiration, but they can also attend different performances and representations suitable for them. 

Last mention deserves the medieval market held during the feast days: the local houses open to the public to host numerous stalls where you can buy nice local handicrafts and the best delicacies of the area, to bring with you the memory of a feast full of charm and ancient references.

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38060, Tenno, TN


Dal 08/08/2020 al 16/08/2020.

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