Peschiera del Garda

Peschiera del Garda

37019, Peschiera del Garda, VR


Peschiera del Garda it is a town with a strong tourist vocation, whose fortress, as Venetian defence work between the 16th and the 17th centuries, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site
The event calendar is full of initiatives, including the Bridge of Art that attracts painters and sculptors, the Musical Bands festival and the Saint Benedict's feast with fireworks.

Peschiera is a town “to get lost”, walking in the maze of narrow streets overlooking shops, bars and restaurants, but also churches, monuments and splendid natural corners.

1 – Sanctuary of Madonna del Frassino

The sanctuary is in the Locality Frassino and was built between 1511 and 1514.  It stands in the place where one story alleges that on 11 May 1510 the Madonna appeared to the farmer Bartolomeo Broglia, who was attacked by a snake.
Currently it is guarded by the Franciscan Friars Minor and attracts thousands of faithful every year. 

The structure recalls the model of the Sant'Andrea Church in Mantua, designed by Leon Battista Alberti: the sanctuary consists of a single central nave, 2 chapels and 8 side altars. 
Some consider it as a small art gallery, because of the many art works that you can admire inside it. Among these, there are the paintings of Paolo Farinati, Giovanni Andrea Bertanza and Zeno da Verona. Worthy of mention is also the choir in walnut, of 1652.


2 – Porta Brescia and the walkways

Porta Brescia is the ancient entrance to the fortress, on the western side. To get there you have to cross a bridge and then you can access the walkways connecting bastion Tognon to bastion Feltrin. Walking through them you can enjoy the view of the fortress from an elevated position, which gives back all its beauty. 


3 – Fortress Ardietti

It is located between the municipalities of Peschiera del Garda and Ponti sul Mincio and is one of the 16 forts that were part of the entrenched camp at the Habsburg period. It was built between 1856 and 1861 and its function was to protect the fortress of Peschiera, which together with Mantua, Verona and Legnago constituted the famous quadrilateral. 

The conservation status of Forte Ardietti is excellent and thanks to this testimony, we can document the construction technique used by the Habsburg military engineers. Inside there are some cannons, howitzers and mortars.

4 – The Fishing Museum and the Lake Traditions

The museum collects a series of lake boats, typical of this area: the Anguilara from the nineteenth-century, which shows typical construction features of Peschiera, the Jole, a rowing boat for regattas, or the Torbetta used to contain the caught fish.  
The museum walls are decorated with tools used by the fishermen (trammel, harpoon and lampare), it offers a large collection of outboard motors.

To see is the calatafari room, dedicated to the carpenters who took care of the boot repair and maintenance. 
All the material is accompanied by numerous photos, which document the fishermen‘s life in the past.

5 – Beach day (dog friendly)

During sunny days, it is also possible to spend time at the beach, perhaps in the company of your dog. 
In the Locality Fornace there is a specially equipped fenced beach that rents umbrellas and sunbeds and offers beds and bowls of water for pets. The well-spaced beach-beds allow a serene cohabitation and dogs can freely swim.

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37019, Peschiera del Garda, VR

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