Even if the Lugana wine-growing area is not limited to the province of Brescia, but also comprises towns of the province of Verona, we have allotted the wine to Lombardy, as it derives its name from a borough of Sirmione.

There are five different sorts of Lugana wine: Lugana, Lugana Superiore, Lugana Spumante, Lugana Riserva and Lugana Vendemmia Tardiva (late vintage), that differ regarding storage and refinement. Other characteristics of this white wine vary depending on each sort: the colour of Lugana wine varies from straw yellow to greenish or golden, tending to amber with Lugana Riserva and Lugana Vendemmia Tardiva.

Its fragrance varies from the more delicate and pleasant note of the simple Lugana to the forceful fragrance of Lugana Vendemmia Tardiva and the perfumy one of Lugana Spumante, which can have fruity nuances if produced according to the charmat method. All Lugana sorts –apart from Lugana Spumante – have a round and full-bodied taste.

Every Lugana sort has special characteristic that bring out the taste of various dishes: if simple Lugana can be paired with aperitif and lake fish, Lugana Superiore is ideal for pasta and veal dishes and cheese. Lugana Riserva can be enjoyed with cheese and meat, Lugana Spumante is ideal for aperitifs and Lugana Vendemmia Tardiva is well paired with cheese and unsweetened biscuits.

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