Grotto Park of the Varone Waterfall

Grotto Park of the Varone Waterfall

Località Le Foci, 3, 38060, Tenno, TN


Since its opening in 1874, the Grotto Park of the Varone Waterfall has enjoyed great popularity with visitors. The water flows from the Lago di Tenno into the Magnone torrent, which then transitions into the Varone waterfall. The torrent is called Varone from the point it flows into the grotto. From here it flows through the locality of the same name and then into Lake Garda.

The waterfall is one of the green wonders in Trentino for both environmental and geological aspects. The waterfall, plunging from a spectacular height of 98 metres to the ground, has worn away and moulded the cliff and marked the gorge in a fascinating way. Over the years, numerous famous politicians, writers and artists succumbed to the magic of the Varone waterfall. Whoever has had the chance to visit the northern end of Lake Garda and specifically Riva del Garda, has made a visit to the grotto. And it is still worth a visit today!

A park tour comprises both a stop at the lower grotto and a visit to the botanical garden at the path leading to the upper grotto. The Grotto Park of the Varone waterfall boasts a picnic area with tables and benches for up to 150 visitors. In addition to the public area there are also bars and a souvenir shop. The park is open all year: from March to October, the park opens at 9 am and closes from March to August at 7 pm, from April to September at 6 pm and in March and October at 5 pm. From November to February, the park is open only on Sundays and public holidays and during the Christmas season from 10 am to 5 pm.

The Grotto Park of the Varone Waterfall is located 3 km above Riva del Garda. For further information on excursions and admission prices, we recommend you visit the park website

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Località Le Foci, 3, 38060, Tenno, TN

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