Valpolicella has been awarded the DOC label in 1968. There is, however, a famous predecessor in its growing area which dates back as far as Roman times: Recito wine, made by the Raeti and Arusnates peoples.

Nineteen towns in total produce Valpolicella DOC in its four variants, differing in the growing area and the length of refinement in the barrel: Classico, Valpantena, Superiore and Ripasso.

Wine is produced by using the Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grape varieties. Valpolicella is deep ruby red and has a pleasant and winy fragrance that can evoke bitter almonds. It can have an extra dry, velvety and slightly bitter taste.

While Valpolicella can be enjoyed with cheese and white meat, Valpolicella Superiore brings out the taste of game and roast.

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