Torri del Benaco

Torri del Benaco

37010, Torri del Benaco, VR


Torri del Benaco is a small town on the Veronese side of the Lake and boasts ancient origins: in fact, on this territory there have been found finds of the Bronze Age, as well as an ancient palafic settlement. 
Pleasant to visit, it offers important attractions such as the Scaliger Castle and some consolidated events as the San Filippo feast, the Bisse Regatta, the Jazz music festival and the medieval festival, which delights the public with the re-enactment of ancient crafts and numerous jesters, falconers, flag-wavers and fakirs shows. 

1 – Scaliger Castle

The building dates back to the last years of the Scaliger domination and had initially a defensive function: the towers were part of a wall that served to protect the town. In addition, in case of attack, it was possible to escape through the underground, which partly still exist. 
Currently the castle is owned by the Municipality, since 1983 it has become an important ethnographic museum. Its rooms tell us the culture of this place, with extensive insights on olive growing, fishing and rock engravings.

Outside you can visit the botanical garden and a splendid greenhouse of citrus trees dating back to 1760. 
Those who love to admire the panorama can take advantage of the walkways, from which you can enjoy an enchanting perspective on the town of Torri and on a good part of Lake Garda.


2 – Church of St. Peter and St. Paul

This eighteenth-century church overlooks a square of the town centre, where the Romanesque church was previously located. This building was built in neoclassical style and inside there are a single nave and several side altars in polychrome marbles. The most valuable is the one dedicated to San Filippo Neri, patron of Torri del Benaco.
At the center of the apse you can admire the work painted in 1558 by Sebastiano Aragonese from Brescia, which portrays the Madonna enthroned between Saints Peter and Paul and which was originally located in the old parish church. Worthy of interest is also the still functioning organ dating back to 1743.


3 – Church of the Holy Trinity.

The origins of this small church date back to the end of the 14th century, when the Menaroli family erected it as their private church. His destiny passed through various events and during the First World War, it was used by French soldiers. Then it was restored in the 1920s and reopened to the public.
It is worth a visit for its peculiarity: it is in fact dedicated to the memory of the fallen of the two world wars and on the walls, there are medals and flags, in addition to the soldier names. It contains some frescoes of the fifteenth century, in a good conservation status.


4 – Clock Tower

The sixteenth-century tower is located in the village center. Here were held the city meetings and the auctions and inside its halls the city council met. This building has undergone several restorations over the centuries, not least the one following the devastating fire of 1585 and the restoration of 1751, mentioned on a corner stone located to the left of the façade. Unfortunately, important decorative elements have been lost, such as the high relief decorating the meeting room. 
The clock– one of the first in the region– was built after the tower and the first document mentioning it dates back to 1561. It stopped working in the 1930s.


5 – Suspension bridge

The Suspension bridge is of recent construction (2019) and connects two fractions of the municipality of Torri del Benaco: Crero and Pai.  You have to walk for about 40-50 minutes before reaching the bridge, which is 35 meters long, suspended at 42 meters above the stream.
The walk is surrounded by nature, with continuous ups and downs that allows you to enjoy the view of olive trees and the enchanting Lake panorama. It is recommended to use comfortable clothing and suitable footwear.

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37010, Torri del Benaco, VR

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