TOP 10 Sports at Lake Garda


Lake Garda offers a lot of opportunities for exercise throughout the year. There is a range of activities to choose from at the three shores and the area around Verona, Brescia and Trento. From water sports, first and foremost sailing with the important annual regattas, to the more extreme sports such as climbing, with numerous fixed rope routes in the region: Arco is an international capital of climbing.There is also mountain biking with many trails at disposal for bikers with partial and panoramic views of Lake Garda and the surrounding mountains.

The top ten sports:

1 – Sailing
As regards sailing, Lake Garda is of international reputation and also known as a major venue for regattas with annual competitions. The constantly alternating winds, Pelér and Ora, allow for sailing every day of the year. You will find equipped sailing centres on all shores of the lake.

2 – Mountain biking
Cycling is closely linked to Lake Garda. Numerous different trails open up biking trips of various degrees of difficulty and for all age groups. You will find trails, cycle paths and tracks for all levels of difficulty and exercise, as well as overnight accomodation that is tailored to the needs of cycling enthusiasts.

3 – Surfing
Surfingwindsurfing and kitesurfing are particularly popular in the northern part of Lake Garda, where motor boats are prohibited. Throughout the year there are numerous sport competitions of international standing, which profit greatly from the excellent infrastructure and outstanding weather conditions of this region.

4 – Paragliding
Another activity on offer is paragliding from the mountain top of Monte Baldo near Malcesine. The  panoramic cable car takes visitors from Malcesine to the launching point, 1800 meters above.From there, paragliders can jump into the blue of Lake Garda, enjoying its spectacular views. Paragliding schools and centres with instructors trained for tandem flights can be found in Malcesine and its surroundings.

5 – Rowing
Rowing is a very popular sport with a long tradition on Lake Garda. Indeed, a variety of rowing competitions take place every year on the lake. You will find rowing clubs and schools that help you to learn the sport nearly everywhere on Lake Garda.

6 – Golf
The area around Lake Garda with its flat and slightly hilly ground lends itself to golf. Greens with fairways which are suited of beginners, advanced and professional golf players alike offer a wonderful view on the lake. You will find golf courses all over the lake region and thanks to the mild climate, outdoor golfing is possible year-round.

7 – Diving
The depths of Lake Garda are one of the most popular destinations for divers. In various places you will find remains of boats, statues, nativity scenes, grottos and genuine “waterways”, known by the name of La Secca di Trimelone, that can be visited by experienced divers and beginners alike. Moreover, there are shores with platforms reserved for divers, as well as diving schools and centres in which you can rent the necessary equipment.

8 – Climbing
Climbing is a classic sport at the northern end of Lake Garda, where in Arco every year a world-class competition, the so-called Rock Master Festival, is held. Enthusiasts of this sport find artificial and natural climbing walls and fixed rope routes against the backdrop of a beautiful and spectacular natural panorama. The climbing stadium in Arco is not to be missed!

9 – Water skiing
You can water ski safely on Lake Garda thanks to trained instructors who teach adults and children in numerous centres and schools in the region. Water skiing on Lake Garda certainly is a wonderful experience for beginners and advanced learners alike.

10 – Parasailing
Everywhere on Lake Garda (apart from the northern region) you can let yourself be pulled by a motor boat while being held in the air by a parachute. Parasailing is one of the most fun activities in the region and it can be done alone or in pairs, with the help of highly qualified experts and extensive equipment, with a beautiful view on Lake Garda.

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