The Olive Riviera


The so-called "olive riviera", which owes its name to the presence of more than 200 olive types, is located on the eastern lakeshore. The cultivation of this fruit also looks back on a long tradition. It started in Etruscan times and was then popularized by the Romans.

Even if only the eastern shore is referred to as the "olive riviera", the cultivation of olives goes beyond this area, just as the cultivation of lemons goes beyond the western shore. The climate on both shores is similar near the lake and changes only with increasing height.

Other plants typical of the olive riviera are cypresses, as well as oleanders and wild roses.

While the cultivation of lemons in the area surrounding Brescia is not as intensive as in the South of Italy, the cultivation of olives still plays an important role in the local economy. In all provinces adjacent to Lake Garda, the "Olio Garda DOP" oil is produced, which was awarded the DOP label indicating the controlled designation of origin.

The museum dedicated to olive oil and its production should also be pointed out. The museum is located in Bardolino’s borough Cisano.

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