The Legend of Lessinia and Montebaldo

The Legend of Lessinia and Montebaldo


How were the Valpolicella, the Valpantena and the Val d'Illasi born?

We want to believe that they were born as the legend says it was, by the daughters of the two princes!
Lessinia, the most beautiful princess in the Alps Monte Baldo, fell in love with the prince and his blue eyes that were as blue as the color of the Lake Garda.

The two lovers conceived exactly three beautiful daughters. However, their love story ended tragically.
The other princesses of the Kingdom of the Alps were envious on the beautiful Lessinia, her happiness with Monte Baldo and their daughters. Therefore they separated the two forever by creating furrows in the Val d'Adige!

Since then, Monte Baldo sings a serenade every night, that is transmitted to his princess Lessinia by the wind!

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