The Aril River

The Aril River

Via Gardesana, 1, 37018, Malcesine, VR


It may not be common knowledge that among its 25 tributaries, Lake Garda also boasts the shortest river in the world!

Aril, or "Ri"as it is known round here, is spanned by three bridges and possesses a waterfall despite its short 175 m river course.

The river, which has its source in an outlet lake, flows through Malcesine's district of Cassone. Fishing is forbidden in this area, as trouts swim upstream to spawn.

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Via Gardesana, 1, 37018, Malcesine, VR

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 4 - 10 °C
 9 %


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 7 - 10 °C
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Pioggia leggera
 8 - 9 °C
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