Soave Wine


Soave is a DOC-labelled white wine that makes up nearly half of the wine production with a controlled designation of origin in Verona. It is the first wine to be limited in growth (under the fascist regime in 1931).

The wine-growing area where this white wine is produced is located in the eastern part of the province of Verona, in the hills of the Val d’Illasi and Val di Mezzane valleys, on the Colognaola hill, in the Val Tramigna valley, on the hill of the Soave Classico and in the Val d’Alpine valley.  The growth of grape varieties in the area is thought to date back to at least 30 millions years.

Soave is straw yellow with greenish oscillations and a forceful and delicate aroma. This wine is extra dry and round with a slightly bitter touch. Due to its long existence, this white wine is often enjoyed with traditional regional dishes: vegetable soups and vegetable risotto (such as the “Riso e bisi” pea risotto), as well as white cabbage and celery.

Today, Soave brings out the taste of various dishes, from appetizers with anchovies or salami, up to main dishes of every sort, vegetable soups, pasta or soups, as well as fish dishes, vegetable side dishes and types of cheese such as Taleggio and Grana Padano.

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