Museum in the Castle of Torri del Benaco

Museum in the Castle of Torri del Benaco

Viale Fratelli Lavanda, 2, 37010, Torri del Benaco, VR


The Scaliger castle on the lakeside in Torri del Benaco houses this museum, in which a series of finds and objects testify to the artisan and industrial history of the city.
From the entrance, where a well with a yellow marble well curb is located, visitors have access to the defence tower adjoining the tower, now site of the museum. The museum consists of various museum halls, each dedicated to one theme.

In the hall of the caulkersartisans responsible for shipbuilding and maintenance – visitors can see their tools, among them three planes, various gimlets and saws as well as three axes, the cutting tool representative of the caulkers.
Another hall is dedicated to olive oil, which – together with wine – is the regional product par excellence; inside there are machines for olive oil extraction and production, while outside visitors can see an olive oil mill from the last century.
The hall dedicated to fishing is subdivided in various sections. It displays fishing equipment, from various nets whose materials, loops and types of use vary according to the fish caught, to tools for depth sounding.
Another hall focuses on the fishing guild “Antichi Originari” founded in the Middle Ages. Here, visitors can – among other objects – explore a series of documents and photos that tell their story.
At the centre of the next hall, which looks back on the history of Torri del Benaco, is a model of the town. The last section of the exhibition, located in the attic, houses cave paintings from the area.

Visitors to the museum can also pay a visit to the Limonaia. The marvellous lemon house testifies to the cultivation of this citrus fruit in one of the northernmost regions of the Mediterranean.

The museum at the Scaliger castle in Torri is open from April to October with varying opening hours. For further information on visits and entrance, visitors can consult the museum website.
Behind the castle, there is a rather large carpark (at a charge)

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Viale Fratelli Lavanda, 2, 37010, Torri del Benaco, VR

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