25010, Limone sul Garda, BS


Until the 1940s, Limone sul Garda was accessible via the lake or the mountains only. With its road access via the Gardesana, it then became the popular holiday destination and business town it is today.

The town of Limone is located at the tri-border area: while being situated in Lombardy, it borders on the towns Riva del Garda – in Trentino – and Malcesine – with the adjacent water body of Lake Garda being located in the Veneto.

This beautiful and picturesque town is famous for its fine olive oil, the longevity of some of its inhabitations and the historical lemon houses in which excellent lemons are grown.

Sights: the Church San Pietro, one of the oldest at Lake Garda, and the lemonhouses Limonaia del Castèl and Limonaia del Tesöl.

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25010, Limone sul Garda, BS

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