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Our itinerary takes us further west and back to the shore of Lake Garda, to Lazise with its medieval castle. Its construction dates back to the 9th century, but as with many other buildings in the area, its enlargement, renovation and contemporary form are due to the Scaliger family.

The castle was once surrounded by walls, of which only the southern and northern part are preserved. There are thirteen towers and three main entrances from the town along these walls. Lazise castle has a square layout with two entrances. Both gates, each with a double door wing, can be reached via a drawbridge leading across the moat.

Of the towers, the castle keep stands out because of its size and imposing appearance. The keep, made from brick, has a 2 m high tower base and ends with protruding merlons. Lazise castle was acquired by the Buri family at the end of the 19th century; its renovation is thanks to them. Later, other works were carried out to build a park. Among these, the drainage of the inner harbour – carried out in the course of cultivation works – and the creation of an artificial hill south of the castle are worth mentioning.

The part of the castle close to the walls is well-preserved and can be visited today. There are various carparks close to the entrance into town

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Via Castello, 13, 37017, Lazise, VR

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