Garda Trentino Half Marathon

Garda Trentino Half Marathon

38066, Riva del Garda, TN


The Garda Trentino Half Marathon takes place in November in Riva del Garda, a wonderful town in the province of Trento, at the northern end of the Lake.
The period is ideal, because it guarantees an optimal temperature to practice this kind of sport.
This competition was founded in 2002 to enhance the resources of the Trentino territory and promote an active holiday, involving tourists in sports activities.

Very renowned internationally, the Garda Trentino Half Marathon is one of the most important half marathons in Italy, considering the technical level and the organization, but also taking into account the large number of participants it draws.
In fact, the members have exceeded the threshold of 2,500 units, with a very high female participation, which reaches almost 50%.

The presence of international athletes is also very strong, confirming that this sporting event is unquestionably successful even outside Italy.
The winning formula is certainly given by the right mix between technical aspects and landscape: a half marathon that can enjoy beautiful views and a territory rich in vegetation, in a town that is definitely a jewel of Trentino’s Garda Lake.

Athletes can choose two types of routes, 10 or 21 km long.  The second one generally involves the climb to the castle of Arco, one of the must-see attractions in the area.
These two races are reserved for adults; they are also accompanied by a competition for children, called the Kids Run: a way to bring children closer to the sport world, with a path tailored for them.

Not only races

The event offers numerous other experiences that involve all those who decide to participate only as spectators. Inside the exhibition premise of Riva del Garda in fact the Expo is open, with many exhibition stands.

The half marathon also becomes an unmissable opportunity to dive into the local enogastronomy through a tasting and degustation path that touches all the specialties of the territory. 
In fact, you can appreciate cold cuts, cheeses, apples, strudel and other typical sweets to be accompanied with the excellent Trentino wines

There are also aggregation moments and concerts, which create the soundtrack of these festive days.
Unfailing the final awards, with the right recognition for the winners of the different races.

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38066, Riva del Garda, TN

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