Bogliaco di Gargnano | Palazzo Bettoni Cazzago

Bogliaco di Gargnano | Palazzo Bettoni Cazzago

Via della Libertà, 77, 25084, Gargnano, BS +39 3497702810


Along the lake shore, some ten kilometres from Gardone Riviera, our last tour stop is Bogliaco, a district of Gargnano. This town boasts one of the most beautiful villas on Lake Garda, Palazzo Bettoni.

The project by architect Adriano Cristofori, which was commissioned by Giandomenico Bettoni, dates back to the 18th century and has an ordered, but still impressive structure. The main building of the Palazzo boasts a balustrade which is decorated with the mythological figures of Veronese Giovanni Battista Locatelli.

Inside, the main hall houses various baroque works. The walls are decorated with frescoes by Beniamino and Fabrizio Galliari. The 18th-century Palazzo distinguishes itself with the orderly and symmetrical forms of the Italian-style garden and the park with its lemon houses on the side not facing the lake. Amerigo Vincenzo Pierallini designed the garden, with its staircases that converge in one place, on which a neo-classical temple dedicated to Apollo was once planned.

Today, Palazzo Bettoni is the seat of an agricultural business which produces wine and spirits. Guided tours of the estate are organised by appointment.

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Via della Libertà, 77, 25084, Gargnano, BS +39 3497702810

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