Arco Castle


Arco is a splendid town located in the Trentino hinterland, a few km away from Riva del Garda and Torbole. Its symbol is the castle built on top of a rock, known since the 12th century.

The Castle, as well as the village now Municipality, owe their name to the Arco family, which was since the 13th century Lord of the area.

Having become an icon of the city of Arco, it was also portrayed in the well-known watercolour painting signed by Albrecht Dürer, which is currently exhibited in the Louvre in Paris.

The towers, a part of the walls and some buildings falling into ruin and decay remain from this ancient castle, also because of the assaults suffered over the centuries. The structure is open to the public and can be visited during the opening hours. 

The stop in the large meadow in front of the castle is free and from there you can enjoy a breathtaking view.  The Entrance to the structure is subject to a fee.

We highlight in particular the strengths of the building, which deserve your attention: la Prigione del Sasso (the Rock Prison), la Torre Grande (the Great Tower) and il Rivellino (the Revelation).

The flagship, however, is a cycle of secular frescoes that portray different court scenes, such as the portraits of ladies, who delight in the game of chess, the representation of a knight during his investiture, the bloody scene of St. George killing the dragon and the most romantic one of a lady who weaves flower wreaths.
Inside the structure, you can watch a video that will explain the history of the castle and its evolution over time.


How to reach the castle

You can reach the castle of Arco with a short excursion of about 20 minutes. Starting from the town centre you can follow the suggestive path going up through olive groves and cypresses. On the top of a rocky spur – at a height difference of about 120 meters– there is the castle, which from its position dominates Lake Garda.
The view is truly enchanting and worth visiting, because it is one of the most suggestive views of the region, with a 360° view that embraces the Lake and all the surrounding towns.

We advise you to equip yourself with comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for this small excursion. The trip is also suitable for children, but it is difficult to reach the top of the hill if you have to carry a stroller. During the opening hours there is usually a small refreshment service, to take a break and enjoy the visit at its best.

Location Get Directions

Via Castello, 38062, Arco, TN

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