Until 1928, Toscolano and Maderno were two distinct municipalities, divided by the river Toscolano. Today they form one borough and are part of the regional park “Parco Alto Garda Bresciano” on the western shore of Lake Garda.

Toscolano is the capital of the so-called “valley of paper mills” with the paper industry settling at the mouth of the river Toscolano in the 13th century, making Toscolano one of the most important places for paper production in Europe from early on.

Sights in Toscolano: the 12th century Romanesque Basilica Sant’Andrea, the Palazzo Gonzaga of 7th century and the Supina sanctuary.

The area:

• Region: Lombardy
• Province: Brescia
• Altitude: 86 m a.s.l.
• Area: 56,73 km²
• Population: 8 159
• Population density: 143,82 ab./km²
• Wards: Balbiana, Gardoncino, Montinelle, Pieve Vecchia, Solarolo
• Postal code: 25088
• Dialing code: 0365
• Local inhabitants: Gardonesi
• Patron saint: St.Ercolano for Maderno and St. Pietro/ Paolo for Toscolano
• Feast day: 11 August for Maderno and 29 June for Toscolano