San Felice del Benaco is located on the western shore of Lake Garda and was known as BENACUS or Benaco in antiquity. The name San Felice probably derives from the Latin “sinus felix” (happy bay) and stands for the beauty and tranquility of the lake.

The town was founded in 1928, when the two boroughs Portese and San Felice di Scovolo merged. Here you can visit the 15th century pilgrimage church dedicated to the Madonna del Carmine and the ruins of Portese castle.

The area:

• Region: Lombardy
• Province: Brescia
• Altitude: 109 m a.s.l.
• Area: 26 km²
• Population: 3 414
• Population density: 131,31 ab./km²
• Wards: Cisano, Portese
• Postal Code: 25010
• Dialing code: 0365
• Local inhabitants: Gardonesi
• Patron saint: Santi Felice, Adauto und Flavia
• Feast day: 9 August