The town of Salò is located on the western shore of Lake Garda, overlooking the bay. The lake is surrounded by moraine hills and the mountain San Bartolomeo. In modern history, this place is known as the seat of the Italian Social Republic – also known as the Republic of Salò – and has its origins in the Roman period. The city’s name probably stems from ancient times, when Salò was an important trading town in the area due to its import of Adriatic salt via the Po and Mincio Rivers and its subsequent storage.

Sights: The duomo di Santa Maria Annunziata (cathedral of the Annunciation to Saint Mary) is the most important piece of architecture. The interior contains paintings by Romanino, Moretto, Zeno Veronese and  Paolo Veneziano.

The area:
• Region: Lombardy
• Province: Brescia
• Altitude: 65 m a.s.l.
• Area: 29 km²
• Population: 10 750
• Population density: 370,69 inhab./km²
• Wards: Barbarano, Campoverde, Cunettone, Renzano, Serniga, Villa
• Postal Code: 2508
• Dialing Code: 030
• Local inhabitants: Salodiani
• Patron saint: San Carlo
• Feast day: 4 November