Nago is one of the towns that form the skiing region Alto Garda and Ledro, situated in the region of Trentino Alto Adige.

The municipality consists of two different localities: Nago is located on the slopes of Mount Altissimo, whereas Torbole is situated on the river mouth of the feeder river of Lake Garda, Sarca. The area boasts lush vegetation due to its sheltered location and proximity to Lake Garda and the resulting sub-Mediterranean climate. Torbole is also famous because of its constant winds which make it one of the most popular windsurf spots internationally.

The area:

• Region: Trentino-Alto Adige
• Province: Trento
• Altitude: 222 m a.s.l.
• Area: 28,43 km²
• Population: 2 793
• Population density: 98,24 ab./km²
• Wards: Nago, Tempesta, Torbole
• Postal code: 38060, 38069
• Dialing code: 0464
• Local inhabitants: Torbolani, Naghesi
• Patron saint: Sant’Andrea (Torbole), San Vigilio (Nago)
• Feast day: 30 November