1- Boiled Meat and Peppered Bread Sauce (Lesso e Pearà)
This dish is one of the cornerstones of the regional cuisine and served on public holidays and at special occasions in Veronese families. Pearà is a flavoursome dish because of the pepper it contains.


2- “Tastasal” Risotto 
The name of this risotto derives from the “Tastasal”, a method of verifying the amount of salt contained in a salami. “Tastasal” later also referred to the salami mixture itself that was tasted and then re-used  for this delicious risotto which is now among the most important dishes in Veronese cuisine. 


3- Bigoli Pasta with Sardines
This traditional dish from Lake Garda, prepared with sardines from the lake, is a food eaten during Lent. Bigoli is a particular type of pasta, prepared using a pasta press in order to roughen the surface, making the sauce used easier to absorb. 


4- Pike and Polenta (Luccio e Polenta)
Pike is one of the most fished species in Lake Garda. It is traditionally prepared in “salsa gardesana” and served with creamy polenta. Recipe »


5- Tortellini from Valeggio
Famous even beyond the region, the tortellini from Valeggio are actually called “nodo d’amore” (love knot) because of their form. Their particularly thin egg pastry makes them light and distinct from all other types of filled pasta. The recipe is a closely guarded secret, but visitors can taste them during the Love Knot Festival (Festa dell nodo d’amore) held every year in Borghetto (Valeggio sul Mincio). Info »


6- Amarone Risotto
This dish, in which two excellent local products come together in perfect harmony, is one of the most famous from the region! “Vialone Nano Veronese” rice IGP from Isola della Scala, together with Valpolicella Amarone, create a tasty and unique dish which is among the most popular in Northern Italy. Recipe »


7- Potato gnocchi
“Venerdì Gnocolar” is the day of the year when all Veronese eat potato gnocchi. While they are a “must” during carnival time, gnocchi are also eaten throughout the year. They are traditionally prepared by hand and are served with tomato sauce, fried vegetables and plenty of grated Parmesan cheese. 



8- Horse stew (Pastissada de caval)
Horse stew is served as a second course at important occasions, especially because its preparation takes some time. This dish can be traced back to ancient times, to the reign of Lombard king Alboin.  



9- Marinated Sardines (Sarde in Saor)
Pickling is a traditional preservation method that consists of soaking food in vinegar. Sailors invented the method to keep fish fresh on ships. It is a typical dish from Lake Garda and the parts of the Veneto close to the sea. Recipe »


10- Stuffed Duck (Anatra col Pien)
This dish from a traditional recipe is usually served at village fêtes in the region. The duck is usually filled with a seasoned stuffing.