Here, we present the events held on the Isola del Garda during the 2015 season and the ferry timetables for visits.

The Isola del Garda has be inhabited since antiquity due to its close proximity to the San Fermo languet in San Felice del Benaco.
Presently, the Cavazza family villa is located on the island. It was built in Neo-Gothic and Venetian style according to the plans of the architect Ravelli and is surrounded by a garden and a park that is open to the public. Access to the island is guaranteed by a ferry service that takes visitors to the island from 5 April to 18 October 2015 from the following ports: Sirmione, Barbarano, Gardone Riviera, Portese, Torri del Benaco, Bardolino, Garda, Maderno, Salò, Manerba and San Felice del Benaco. The ferry ride takes 30 minutes at most and is followed by a guided tour in Italian, English and German, that includes the gardens and some of the halls of the villa which is still inhabited by the Cavezza family. Visitors can bring small dogs along for a fee. The excursion lasts about two hours and comprises a free welcome cocktail. For further information on timetables for the various ports, we recommend a visit to the island website.
During the island tour, visitors can not only enjoy a splendid view, but also experience culture: some of the villa’s halls that are open to the public house works and watercolours by the artist Pierangero Capretti that depict the park and the villa. Furthermore, there are various musical events from May to the beginning of October on the island. The single dates can be found on the island website.

icon-map-marker  Location: Isola del Garda, San Felice del Benaco (BS)

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