The “ MTB Garda Marathon ” and the “ Cycle Marathon of the Town of Garda” will start in Garda on 15 April 2018.
Passion, panoramic view, emotions and adrenaline will attract athletes from all over the world, ready to cycle breathtaking trails between Lake Garda and Monte Baldo.
The tracks of the competition are two: the “ MTB Garda Marathon ” over a 63 km distance starts at 9 am until 3.30 pm and the “ Cycle Marathon of the Town of Garda “ over a 43 km distance starts at 10.30 am until 3.30 pm.

The “ MTB Garda Marathon “ is an ideal route for those who want to experience the excitement of long distances with a difference in altitude of 2.300 metres.
The first climb of 4.5 km leads the participants to Monte Luppia. From the villages of Coi and Loncrino the 12 km climb brings them to San Zeno di Montagna. Having passed the King of the Mountains part, they follow a long descent through a fascinating pine forest towards Castion and Garda. At this point the two tracks come together and all participants cycle together through Val di Molini before enjoying the final descent that leads to the lake.
The easier “Cycle Marathon of the Town of Garda” over 43 km has a difference in altitude of 1.200 metres. The route follows the MTB Garda Marathon to the villages of Coi and Loncrino. They separate along the slopes of Monte Baldo at the height of the Lumini Forest and reunite on the track from the pinewood to the lake shore.

There is also an Expo Area, set up along the promenade of Regina Adelaide. The companies can show their products, new factory trends and accessories: a meeting point for enthusiasts, athletes and visitors.

icon-calendar  Date: 15/04/2018
icon-map-marker Location: Garda (Vr)