Lake Garda offers many attractions for divers. In the depths of the lake you can actually find remains of boats, statues, nativity setsgrottos and proper waterways.

In the following you find a list of the best diving sites:

  • Galea di Lazise (VR): recommended for experienced divers, a galley counter-sunk 500 years ago
  • Athos a Brenzone (VR): there is plattform for divers, the spot is recommended for unexperienced and experienced divers
  • Madonna dei subacquei ad Assenza di Brenzone (VR): iron staute at 18 metres of depth
  • Secca di Trimelone ad Assenza di Brenzone (VR): you can proceed on three water ways: Canyon, Jump and Parete
  • Relitto a Malcesine (VR): iron cabin counter-sunk in 1986 at 35 metres of depth
  • Isola dell’Olivo a Malcesine (VR): small grotto at 13 metres of depth
  • Presepe a Torri del Benaco (VR): nativity set at 24 metres of depth
  • Piattaforme a Torri del Benaco (VR): 4 platforms from 10 metres to 40 metres of depth
  • Il Cristo a Riva del Garda (TN): statue at approximately 15 metres of depth
  • Octopus a Torbole (TN): you can pursue different routes, statue of the virgin Mary at 12 metres of depth and wonderful crevices in the bed of the lake at 43 metres of depth
  • Relitto a Salò (BS): big boat at approximately 30 metres of depth
  • Relitto della Draga a Gargnano (BS): wreck marked by a surface buoy at approximately 50 metres of depth
  • Relitto del Tritone a Desenzano (BS): recent finding at approximately 40 metres of depth
  • Pinnacolo a Campione del Garda (BS): rocky pinnacle at 40 metres of depth, diving recommended for experienced divers only