The ” Guest Festival ” returns to Lazise from 17 to 19 August 2018 bringing food stalls, live music and entertainment to the town.
Lazise hosts its traditional Guest Festival with musical entertainment, wine and food stalls and lots of fun from Friday to Sunday, from 6 pm to midnight. The food stalls offer specialties such as risotto with tastasal, fish fry mix, salamella with polenta and local wines tastings.
The most characteristic places of Lazise become concert stages: the port, Piazzetta Beccherie, the lakeshore and the court of the parochial house.
A traditional game that takes place during the event is “the Cuccagna del Cadenon“, a pole in a horizontal position lying on the waters of the port on which the competitors have to slide to take, without falling into the water, the flag placed at his end. It is a fairly common game in many Lake towns.
The 2018 ” Guest Festival ” in Lazise ends on Sunday with musical fireworks above Lake Garda which can be admired from the lakeside.

icon-calendar  Date: from 17/08/2018 to 16/08/2018
icon-map-marker Location: Lazise (Vr)