For the new year Gardaland presents a new and exciting experience of virtual reality: the “Magic Mountain” coaster combined with Virtual Reality.

In 2017, visitors of the amusement park in Castelnuovo del Garda can find exciting news: the roller coaster ride will be even more exciting thanks to a three-dimensional experience.
You can choose whether or not to wear the 3D viewers that realize a 360 degree projection. The shown scenario remains consistent and follows the movements of the head. The theme of the 3D journey is the history of Native Americans, the Indians, their rituals and their fascinating symbolism and the entire environment is provided with totems, bows and arrows and typical emblems of their culture. The green areas are transformed into the Rocky Mountains of Western America. A shamanic ritual is performed and a big dream-catcher represents the portal through which to reach the world of spirits. A tour that is perfectly synchronized with the movements of the roller coaster thanks to a special processor that reacts dynamically to each movement of the carriage. The integrated headsets provide high quality visual and sound effects of the latest generation.

Virtual reality on Magic Mountain in Gardaland will be available from 8 April 2017.

icon-calendar  Date: from 08/04/2017
icon-map-marker Location: Gardaland – Castelnuovo del Garda (Vr)