This time, we are exploring the bike trails on the western shore of Lake Garda. GardaConcierge presents the last segment of the “Cycling at Lake Garda” guide, where we list some of the best bike trails in Lombardy.

Valtenesi Area
itinerari del garda lombardia valtenesiThe first tour on our list leads through the Valtenesi region, the area between Garda and the Moraine hills known for its viticulture. The route is nearly 40 km long and fairly challenging, even if it boasts a height of no more than 600 metres.
The tour starts at the castle in Padenghe and leads further north to Moniga and finally to Manerba del Garda. There, we recommend a visit of the fortress, from where you can enjoy a unique panoramic view of Lake Garda. Then, the tour continues to San Felice del Benaco and into the hinterland in the direction of Cunettone, where the ascent to Palude, Castello and Puegnago sul Garda starts. The route leads west to the three lakes of Sovenigno, where lotuses blossom in July and August. Next is the downhill to Polpenazze, Soiano and finally Padenghe.

Manerba del Garda
itinerari del garda lombardia manerba del gardaThis 20 km route to Manerba del Garda is much shorter – the distance can be covered in a few hours – and is of medium difficulty.
The recommended tour is suitable for mountain bikes, as the roads are not completely tarmacked. From the centre of Manerba, the tour continues to Porto Dusano, past the lakeside along paths and asphalt streets to the fortress, and then, past the shore of Manerba to Pisenze. The view of the lake from the fortress in Manerba is truly unique and well worth a stop. From Pisenze, the tour leads south, then, up to Balbiana, and further south to the the district of Gardoncino. Then, you turn at Porto Dusano and cycle back to the centre of Manerba.

itinerari del garda lombardia puegnago castello soianoThis tour is suitable for more experienced cyclists. The bicycle tour through the Lombard part of Lake Garda takes cyclists from Puegnago to the hinterland of Brescia. The non-tarmacked road is 20 km long with a height of only 600 metres and takes a few hours to cycle.
The tour starts in the square of the castle, to which you will go back to, exhausted, but full of impressions after having cycled through a part of the Valtenesi area. The tarmacked road takes visitors to Polpenazze and goes on to a gravel road that leads nearly up to the afore-mentioned town. Instead of cycling to the centre, you drive south to Soiano, along a street lined with cypresses leading to a hill. At this point, you cycle past vineyards to Gavardo and then, Basia, from where you return to the starting point of Puegnago.

Monte Pizzocolo
itinerari del garda lombardia monte pizzocoloThe 30 km, relatively short tour to Monte Pizzocolo has a height of nearly 1200 metres. The tour takes only four and a half hours but is relatively complex. More than half of the route leads along forest tracks and the rest leads along tarmacked roads, bicycle paths and some paths, where you have to either push or shoulder your bike. The tour starts in Toscolano Maderno, from where you cycle to Gaino and then, along the forest track through the valley down to Ponte delle Camerate. After a relatively steep ascent, where you push your bicycle, you reach the alpine Rifugio Pirlo allo Spino hut which invites one to take a break. From there, you cycle down to the Il Pirello crossroads and on to San Michele and along the bicycle path past Supiano to Toscolano Maderno.

From Tremosine to Toscolano Maderno
itinerari del garda lombardia tremosineIn contrast to the tours mentioned above, this tour is not a round trip. It leads from the starting point in Tremosine to the destination of Toscolano Maderno. It is an approximately 50 km route with a height of nearly 1200 metres, which takes 6 hours.
The locality of Vesio is the starting point from where you drive down to Salò and then up the Ca’ di Natone mountain pass. Then you cycle down to Prabione and up to the high plateau of Tignale, past Gardola, Olzano and to the alpine Rifugio Cima Piemp hut. Then, you turn into the forest track and then, follow the partly flat route to a small helipad and then to Passo d’Ere. From here, you drive down to the valley that leads to Bocca del Paolone, Costa and the Bocca Magno mountain pass and then further down to Toscolano Maderno. On the way, you cross the localities of Formaga, Navazzo, Cabiana, Gaino before reaching the destination of Toscolano Maderno.

Monte Tremalzo
itinerari del garda lombardia monte tremalzoAlthough the tour starts in Riva del Garda on the northern shore of the lake, it mainly leads through the eastern part of Lake Garda. The tour of Monte Tremalzo is one of the most popular routes of the area. The tour suits primarily experienced cyclists due to its length of 50 km with a height of nearly 2,000 metres and a duration of approximately six and a half hours. The route leads along tarmacked roads half of the way and along forest tracks, and in small parts along bicycle paths during the other half.
From Riva del Garda, you turn into the western Gardesana road and then into the Ponale path, from where you can enjoy a marvellous view of northern Lake Garda. From here, you reach the localities of Prè and Molina di Ledro and cycle along Lake Ledro the port of Pieve di Ledro. Here, you cross the stone bridge and drive past the alpine Rifugio Garibaldi hut up to Passo Tremalzo. The tour goes on up to the highest point of the route, the Bocca di Val Marza at a height of 1,787 metres. The downhill takes cyclists to Passo Pra della Rosa, Passo Nota, Passo di Bestana and to Bocca dei Fortini down to the Ledro Valley. From Legos, the same route takes cyclists back to Riva del Garda.