From August 26th to October 31st 2016 you can visit the Arcipelago di Ocno that was created by the architect Joseph Grimm on a lake in Mantua.

In occasion of Mantua as Italian Capital of Culture 2016 and in order to follow the success of the floating piers on Lake Iseo realized by Christo and Jeanne-Claude, the architect Joseph Grima creates the Archipelago Ocno on a lake that was artificially formed by the Mincio river in Mantua.
It is an enormous floating island consisting of seven smaller islands with diametres from 6 to 20 meters, which are connected with each other on a total area of ​​800 square meters.
The installation wants to provide visitors with a different perspective on the city, namely from the water. The archipelago Ocno is not a classic piece of art only for its own sake but it has to be understood as a place of experience. It is supposed to be used in three different ways: as a view point to enjoy the city from the water, as a venue for lectures about various topics, from stars to sports, and as a theatre for concerts and dance performances where the audience sits together with the artists on the islands.

icon-calendar Dates: from 26/08 to 31/10/2016
icon-map-marker Location: Mantua
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